Class Notes for Econometrics

You have a choice between five different pdf files:

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The textual content of all these files is identical. Each of these links points to a pdf or postscript file of around 5 megabytes. If you are using Netscape, you should shift-click on these links, and with Internet Explorer, you should click with the right mouse button, in order to download the files to your computer.

The above files have more material than can be covered in one class. But I also made excerpts with the materials that would be covered in the first year of the graduate Econometrics sequence Econ 7800 at the University of Utah. Again you have the same choices as above. Here are the five pdf files:

The two paper-saving options are also available as postscript files:

Again the textual content of these files is identical, and everything in those latter files, except perhaps the syllabus, is also contained in first batch of files.

If you have difficulties downloading these files, please email Hans. Hans is eager to help you because he wants these Class Notes accessible from all over the world.

Old Exams, with Solutions

Field exams 2000 and 2001, 2000 Spring Econ 7801 Mid1, Mid2, Takehome, final; 2000 Fall Econ 7800 first and second midterm, and final. 2001 Spring Stat 6869 M-Stat capstone course midterm and final. 2003 Fall Econ 7800 first and second midterm, takehome, and final.

Compressed Archive of Whole pdf and ps Collection (40 Megabytes) is a compressed Zip archive of all the above pdf-files and ps-files, including a small file INDEX.pdf with a brief explanation and links to all the other pdfs in the collection. You should download this zip file and save it in a special folder created for this purpose. Unzipping will place the pdf files in the same directory. Opening INDEX.pdf with the Acrobat Reader gives you easy access to the whole collection.

LaTeX Source Files

The LaTeX source code used to compile ecmet.pdf can be downloaded as a zip archive All files in this archive extract into the same directory, and if you enter this directory and issue the commands

you should get a file identical to the screen-sized ecmet.pdf downloadable from here. This zip archive not only contains the source code written by Hans G. Ehrbar, but also other latex packages and auxiliary files which were used with this run. All files written by Hans G. Ehrbar are under the GNU Public License or LaTeX public license, and Hans welcomes suggestions to clarify, correct, improve, or add new materials. Unfortunately, at this time there is little documentation. If you have question, email Hans at