Anthro 3001: Anthropology as a Major and a Career

This course is designed to help you transition from student to career. The best way to do that is to start now to identify career opportunities of interest, so that you have time to obtain the skills and experience that will help you achieve your goals. This course will

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  1. 9-24 lecture slides from the Office of Undergraduate Research

  2. Register to vote Voterise volunteers will be at Gardner Commons September 26th, 11-1pm to register people to vote

  3. Looking for a job or internship? The Academic Partner & Employer Meet and Greet is an informal breakfast or lunch where you can meet with employers and alumni who are on campus to recruit students for jobs and internships. Tuesday, October 2nd. Email Ella Butler at if you would like to attend

  4. Interested in a health career? The following schools will be coming to the U for information sessions this month. Contact Nick Karls at pre-professional advising if interested, 801-581-5744

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  5. Syllabus (updated Sept. 4)

  6. Submitting assignments to You need a student account at before you can submit assignments for this course. If you have not used turnitin before, go to this page and ask for help in logging in. Let me know if you have any problems. See the syllabus for additional details, including the class enrollment key and ID.

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Assignments and due dates

  1. personal plan: due Oct 22 (intermediate deadlines on syllabus)
  2. resume: due Nov 19
  3. cover letter: due Nov 26
  4. group presentations: Nov 26 and Dec 3
  5. peer review: due Dec 10

Guidance for Career Reports

Optional Extra-credit assignments

Talk to a prof extra-credit assignment (worth 2 points, due Nov 19). Follow directions here. This will be especially useful if you haven't had much substantive interaction with anthropology professors. If you have, consider talking to a prof you don't know as well.

LinkedIn extra-credit assignment (worth 3-points, due Dec 3). Look at the LinnkedIn website and links below, and meet with Carmen Gold or other staff at U of U Career Services to develop a LinkedIn profile. I cannot comment on it via turnitin unless it is submitted as a regular document, so just create the content and general formatting and submit to turnitin as a pdf or Word document. Posting it to LinkedIn is optional. Consultation with the Career Center is mandatory, so send me an email with cc to Carmen Gold (or other advisor) describing the meeting, so that they can confirm it. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, meet with them to review it for improvements before submission. Both the profile and the email are required. See also:

LinkedIn Advice for Students
7 steps to creating your LinkedIn profile

General Resources

Career Resources

1. Field Schools and International Opportunities

  • U. of U. Department of Anthropology fieldschools
  • Other University of Utah international opportunities
  • Other archaeology opportunities, including prehistoric, classical and historical archaeology.
  • Primatology opportunities (national and international)

    2. Career Advice and Opportunities from Professional Associations

    3. News Articles about Anthropologists in the Workplace