Anthro 3001: Anthropology as a Major and a Career

The course has two main aims: (1) to provide you with the information and skills needed to be a successful student in the Department of Anthropology, and (2) to prepare you to use your degree productively after you graduate. You will learn about departmental programs and University resources through guest speakers and library workshops, and you will explore career options through an individual and group project.


Interesting op-ed today (March 11) in the S.L. Tribune. Some take-aways:

How many students are aware, for example, that 75 percent of college graduates work in fields unrelated to their major [and] that 35 percent to 40 percent of entry-level hiring is "open to all majors"...?

Phil Gardner, labor researcher at Michigan State University, puts it like this: "There are really only two choices for graduates who want a lot of options, to be a technically savvy liberal arts graduate or a liberally educated technical graduate."



Click on each assignment and read instructions carefully
  1. Finding sources due Feb 1
  2. Talk to a Prof due Feb 22
  3. Film review due Mar 22

Career Reports

General Resources

Career Resources

Career Advice from Professional Associations

Field Schools and International Opportunities

Here are some links to field schools and related opportunities. There are many other organizations that sponsor field research expeditions, not all of them reputable. Do your own due diligence.

News Articles about Anthropologists in the Workplace