Week 1                        Introduction



Week 2                        The Rise of the West and the Decline of the East

                                    Arrighi et al., “Historical Capitalism, East and West”


Week 3                        The Rise of the East and the Decline of the West?

                                    Giovanni Arrighi, “Adam Smith for the Contemporary Left”


Week 4                        The Rise of the East – China

Goldman Sachs, “China’s Great Dilemma”

Elaine Hui, “Putting the Chinese State in Its Place”

                                    Chiara Piovani, “The Greening of China”

Richard Smith, “China’s Drivers and Planetary Ecological Collapse”


Week 5                        The Rise of the East? – India

                                    OECD, “India, Sustaining High and Inclusive Growth”

                                    Isozaki et al., “India’s Changing Middle Class”

Tramballi et al., “India, the Modi Factor” (Chapter 1-5)                               

Week 6                        Asia and Global Trade

                                    VIF, “US-China Trade War”

                                    Auboin and Borino, “Recent Trade Dynamics in Asia”

Tham et al., “ASEAN Trade with China”

Lee et al., “Mobile Phone Manufacturing”


Week 7                        Asia and Global Finance

                                    IMF, “Credit Boom, Is China Different

                                    OECD, “Japan’s Challenging Debt Dynamics”

Rasiah, “Southeast Asia and Global Financial Crises”

                                    Hui and Ee, “From Marx to Morgan Stanley”


Week 8                        Asia: Social Challenges

                                    Nicole Curato, “Duterte and Philippine Populism”                                                    Achin Vanaik, “The New Himalayan Republic”

                                    Lee Jones, “The Political Economy of Myanmar’s Transition”

                                    Siu and Chan, “Strike Wave in Vietnam, 2006-2011”


Week 9                        Midterm Exam


Week 10                      Spring Break


Week 11                      East Asian Economic Growth

                                    Data and Theories


Week 12                      One Belt, One Road

                                    Global Capitalism: Accumulation and Crisis

Lowy Institute, “China’s Belt and Road Initiatives”

                                    International Crisis Group, “Central Asia’s Silk Road Rivalries”

Heng and Po, “Cambodia and China’s Belt and Road Initiative”

                                    Felstead, “A Chinese Scramble for Africa


Week 13                      Asia: Environmental Challenges

                                    Arve Hansen, “Car in Vietnam”

                                    Mann, “Middle East and the World Oil Market”

Peters et al., “Measuring A Fair and Ambitious Climate Agreement”

Yu, Feng and Hubacek, “China’s Unequal Ecological Exchange”

                                    Energy, Economic Growth, and Climate Change


Week 14                      Asia: Geopolitical Challenges

                                    Win and Kean, “Communal Conflict in Myanmar”

            Seung-ook Lee, “Competing Visions of North Korea in South Korean Politics”

Dobson, “The Abe Doctrine and Global Governance”

Congressional Research Service, “China’s Actions in East and South China Seas”


Week 15                      Movie and Review