Economics 7004



1. Introduction


Karl Marx, “Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy,” pp. 3-6.



2. Historical Materialism


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3. The Capitalist World System


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4. Accumulation and Crisis: Marxian Approaches


The Following are from The Imperiled Economy, Book 1 (Macroeconomics from a Left Perspective), published by the Union for Radical Political Economics (1987)


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5. Accumulation and Crisis: Post-Keynesian Approaches


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6. After the “Great Recession”


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7. Imperialism and the 21st Century

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8. The End of the Capitalist History?


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10. Capitalism and the Global Environmental Crisis


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11. Climate Change: Barbarism or Socialism?


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12. Historical and Future Socialisms: Economics


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13. Historical and Future Socialisms: Politics


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14. Value, Price, and Profit


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15. The Twenty-First Century Crisis


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Alex Vershinin, “What’s Ahead in the War in Ukraine” (2022)


Dr Michael Vlahos interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor (video, December 2022)

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Black Mountain Analysis, Economics and Empires, Part 1 (2023)


Black Mountain Analysis, Economics and Empires, Part 4 (2023)