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Recent News: Philips has returned from sabbatical; due to financial cutbacks, his office phone has been disconnected:  You may call his cell or home phone; numbers below.  Wife Jean is soon to publish "Always My Brother" a children's picture book on sibling loss; daughter Jane is kayaking the Magellan Straight in Patagonia

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B.A. Pomona College (1970); Ph.D. Stanford University (1980)

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Peter Philips' Homepage


Professor of Economics


Economics Department, University of Utah

1645 Campus Drive Center

Business Classroom Building BuC #2

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9300

801-599-2374 cell, 801-466-3159 home


In Memoriam

Coach Mike Kernodle

East High School Soccer Coach

Died: Sunday, March 18, 2007


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I am Peter Philips--Professor of Economics at the University of Utah--Father of Two Wonderful Young Adults (Jane, 18 and John, August 2, 1996 to Nov 3, 2005)--Grateful Husband of One Beautiful and Talented Woman (Jean Reagan)--Summer Ranger in the Grand Tetons National Park--Expert on the Economics of the Construction Industry--Appreciative Teacher of Many Really Interesting Graduate and Undergraduate Students--Utah Jazz Fan--University of Utah and Pomona-Pitzer Sagehen Soccer Fan--and other stuff some of which make it onto these pages.

Go to the buttons on the left for a general exploration of this site, my work, my students work, about me and other such stuff.  Go below to the dedication to John, to the "Academics" box for course material, and to the "Grand Tetons" box for my other life as a ranger.  The soccer button has videos of Jane's games and the photo gallery is mostly soccer stuff.  My "Old Web Page" below has some family photos and a bunch of broken links I have not fixed yet.


I dedicate this website as I do my life to my son:

For a Quicktime movie of John's funeral, click on John.
For a slideshow of the boy who loved birds.  Click on me.



John Reagan Philips, August 2, 1986 to November 3, 2005

John's Obituary     John's Guestbook (as of May 2006)


Grand Tetons National Park


Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy

Check these guys out.  New on campus.

In the summer, I am the volunteer ranger at Leigh Lake in the Grand Tetons National Park.  Along with my lifetime sweetheart, Jean Reagan, we are the only rangers in the South part of the Park that are permanently stationed in the back country. 

Our assignment is to keep the bears and people at bay.  Click here for a slide show (works in Microsoft Explorer but won't work in Mozilla).


This bear, "Alfred," was driven to desperation by the current drought.  He stalked hikers, shredded tents and jumped on my tent when I was in  it!  Somewhere along the line Alfred scored food from campers who were not careful.  Now he's dead.

To My Old Home Page  This will take you to my old home page with links to various pictures


MountainsThis picture-button will take you to a powerpoint slide show of me and my family. I have an abiding interest in sports.  Here you will find links to family and students that are playing sports or are researching sports issues.

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