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Activities: Latin America(last twelve years)

My main recent professional activities have been in Costa Rica and Ecuador. I taught a three month course in 2014 at the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica for students from Goucher and Mt. Holyoke Colleges. The course was "Human Health and Development in the Tropics."

I taught a short course to PhD student from the University of Southern Mississippi on "Development Issues in Costa Rica" during May 2015, again through the Monteverde Institute.

I led two study abroad programs during the 2006-2007 academic year. The first took the Honors Think Tank on Immigration students to Mexico to examine migration issues from the Mexico perspective. We were in Michoacan and the Distrito Federal December 27-January 6, 2007. The second was in Costa Rica from May 6 to May 30, 2007, where I taught a course on "Sustainable Development" as part of an extensive program on the environment in Costa Rica.

I also worked with Economists and Educators in Peru in 2006 and participated in the inauguration of a storage facility for native potatoes with representatives of the NGO "Yanapai" and the community of Quilcas in the Mantaro Valley of Huancayo. The facility is at roughly 13,500 feet and thus should prevent many infestations of potato pests. The seed potatoes represent biodiversity (there are 120 varieties in the community) and thus a guarantee against eventual loss of the potato.

With the grant from the Department of Education for a Group Project Abroad, Professor Isabel Dulfano and I took a group totaling seventeen to Ecuador from June 14-July 11, 2004. There were a variety of useful outcomes of the project.

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I also participated with the Carter Center in observing three elections in Venezuela, culminating in the recall referendum of President Hugo Chavez on August 15, 2004. This was not only an exceptional experience but the presence of the Carter Center observers was central to realizing the recall and ensuring that it was conducted fairly. While it has not calmed the country, the results suggest that there may be a possibility for peaceful and democratic problem solving in the country. Richard Fowles looked at some of the claims of fraud and presented a workshop on that issue in the Economics Department. The Carter Center issued a report based on his work, and that of several other statisticians.

During early May, 2004, I spent ten days in Paraguay delivering a set of lectures on the Challenges of Globalization. I spoke with groups ranging from the trade commission of the Congress and the Senate to the American Paraguayan Chamber of Commerce to the Economics faculty and the Catholic University of Concepcion.

While in Paraguay, I was also able to visit the Jesuit Guarani mission ruins, made famous in the movie "The Mission." I also went over the border to Brazil and visited the Iguazu Falls on the Brazil-Argentina border.

View a very selective version of my long term activities in Latin American Latin American Activities Curriculum Vitae (12KB PDF file)

Welcome to my site! Welcome to my site! Welcome to my site!