I. Current Students

1. Geography, Ph.D.:

Han Li             2012-Present      Teaching Assistantship

Haifeng Liao   2009-Present       Research/Teaching Assistantship

Ling Zhang     2009-Present       Research/Teaching Assistantship

  Hao Huang     2008-Present      Research/Teaching Assistantship


II. Former Students

1. Geography, Ph.D.:

      Yingru Li       2007-2012       Assistant Professor, Department of Geology and Geography, Auburn University

      Jun Luo          2001-2006       Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Geology and Planning, Missouri State University

      Danlin Yu      2000-2005       Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Studies, Montclair State University

      Ruihong Huang 1998-2003    Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Northern Arizona University

      Carlos Guilbe    1997-1999    Professor, Department of Geography, University of Puerto Rico

2. Geography, M.A.:

Xiaojing Chen 2005-2007      

   Gegory Dresen 2000-2003      

Xinyue Ye         1999-2002         (Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara) Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Kent State University 

3. Urban Studies, M.A.:

I-Hui Lin       2004-2006          


III. Visiting Professors/Scholars

Mingfeng Wang, 2012-2013, Associate Professor, Center of Modern Chinese City Studies, East China Normal University, China.

Jianglong Chen, 2012, Associate Professor, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

    Weihua Guan, 2011-2012, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Science, Nanjing Normal University, China.

Yeqing Cheng, 2010-2011, Associate Professor, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Chun Yang, 2008, Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, China

    Changhong Miao, 2006-2007, Professor, Acting Director, Center for Yellow River Civilization, Henan University, China

Lachang Lu, 2004-2005, Professor, Capital Normal University, China

Ying Cai, 2003, Guangdong Provincial Construction Commission, China

Yanjie Jia, 2002, Professor, School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Tianjin Normal University, China


. Visiting Students

Zhiji Huang, 2013-2014, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences. Peking University, China.

Xiujing Bi, 2012-2013, Center for Modern Chinese City Studies, East China Normal University, China.

    Zhouyang Wang, 2011-2012, College of Resources and Environmental Science, East China Normal University, China.

Wei Wu, 2011-2012, College of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, Nanjing University, China.

Xinzheng Zhao, 2010-2011, Center for Modern Chinese City Studies, East China Normal University, China.

    Yun Zhang, 2008-2009, College of Geographical Sciences and Remote Sensing, Beijing Normal University, China

Jian Li, 2007-2008, Center for Modern Chinese City Studies, East China Normal University, China.