Economics 5420/6420

China and the Global Economy





Week 1                                    Introduction



Week 2                                    The Rise of the West, the Fall of the East

                                                Giovanni Arrighi, “Historical Capitalism, East and West”

                                                Maddison, “Chinese Economy in the Long Run”


Week 3                                    China and the Capitalist World System

                                                Arrighi, “World Income Inequalities”

                                                Skrivan, “Foreign Economic Relations in the Interwar Era”

                                                Eng, “Silk Production and Export, 1861-1932”

                                                Ma, “The Rise of A Financial Revolution, 1900-1937”


Week 4                                    China and the Capitalist World System (continue)

                                                Riskin, “Surplus and Stagnation in Modern China”

                                                Bramall, “Chinese Economic Development”

                                                Navarro, “Health Indicators under Capitalism & Socialism”

                                                Cheremukhin, “The Chinese Economy from 1953”

Weber, “American Radical Economists in Mao’s China”


Week 5                                    China and the Neoliberal Global Economy

                                                Kaplinsky, “China and the Neoliberal Dogma”

                                                Muronova, “Rethinking Neoliberal Processes in China”

                                                Trade Report, “China-EU Global Value Chains”

UNCTAD, “Product-Level Case Studies in China”

                                                Xu, "Transition in State Socialist Economies"

                                                Pun and Chan, “The Foxconn Experience”   


Week 6                                    One Belt, One Road

                                                Cai, “Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative”

                                                Nazarbayev University, “China’s Impact in Central Asia”

                                                Tham, “ASEAN Trade with China”

                                                Cheong, “Chinese Debt Traps in Southeast Asia”

Vines, “China’s Role in Debt Distress in Africa”


Week 7                                    US-China Trade War

                                                “US-China Trade War: Causes and Outcomes”

IGEF, “China-US Trade War: Worst Case Scenario”

Boston Consulting, “US Semiconductor Leadership”

Oxford Economics, “The US-China Trade Relationship”


Week 10                                  Limits to China’s Economic Growth

                                                Goldman Sachs, “China’s Great Dilemma”

                                                “A Forensic Examination of China’s National Accounts”

Higgins, “China’s Growth Outlook” 

Lowy Institute, “Revising Down the Rise of China”



Week 11                                  Limits to China’s Economic Growth (continue)

                                                IMF, “Credit Boom: Is China Different

                                                Liang and Smith, “China Housing Market”

                                                Pei, “Can Growth Continue without Political Reform

                                                MIT, “China’s Growing Local Government Debt”



Week 12                                  Is China Sustainable?

                                                Federal Reserve, “Forecasting China’s Oil Demand”

                                                Wainberg, “Natural Gas Demand in China and India”

                                                Zhou, “Wind and Solar Energy in China”

                                                Perez et al., “Vulnerabilities and Limits to Renewable Energies”



Week 13                                  China and the Global Energy Crisis (continue)

                                                Hickel and Kallis, “Is Green Growth Possible”

Ward, “Decoupling GDP from Environmental Impact

                                                “A Fair and Ambitious Climate Agreement”

                                                Michael Lynch, “Pandemic and the End of Oil                

Collins, “China’s Water Challenges” 


Week 14                                  China: the Next Hegemony?

                                                Budd, “China and Imperialism in the 21st Century”

“China’s Economic Rise: Implications for the US”

                                                “Sino-US Balance of Power, 2010-2040”

                                                Cato Institute, “China: Rise or Demise      


Week 15                                  China and the 21st Century Crisis

                                                Silver, “A New Global Tide of Social Protest”

                                                Pun, “Reflecting on Hong Kong Protests”

                                                CRS, “Covid-19 and China Medical Supply Chains”

                                                Mark, “China’s Faltering Zero Covid Policy”

                                                       Zhang, “Leninists in a Chinese Factory”