From the Construction Phase to the Living Phase at Wasatch Commons

Typically, the community among cohousing members begins long before the homes are built. The early participants work for years to acquire the land, advertise, apply for a construction loan, and plan and supervise the construction. At the same time, they get to know each other; their difficult preparatory work also builds community.

After moving in, a new phase starts: now we have to make the nurturing home base and neighborhood a reality which we all dreamed about. Wasatch Commons is presently at this phase. This is just as challenging as the architectural phase. Since the anonymity and non-committment customary in our society no longer apply, the residents have to re-invent their relations. They cooperate to maintain the premises and collectively perform the common chores. They have three common meals each week in the spacious "common house", they spend time with each other in play and celebration, and they collectively care for the children of the community. At the same time, trust and friendships develop.

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