Hans G. Ehrbar's Annotations to Marx's ‘Capital’

The Annotations contain the full German and English text of selected chapters of Marx's Capital side-by-side, in Hans's own translation, together with Hans's detailed commentary. This pdf file is approximately 5 MB and has hundreds of live cross-references; clicking on them will transport you to the referenced text in the same file (red link) or in a different pdf-file of the collection (light blue link).

The other pdf files in this collections are:

All the above links go to the pdf files formatted for screen reading. But instead of downloading them one by one it is recommended that you download the zip archives with the whole collection, which are also available in other formats:

All this material is work in progress, which is updated several times a year. If you have suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to email Hans.

Downloading Help

If you have difficulties downloading these files, or if you have difficulties opening the pdf files, please email Hans.  He needs to know if there are difficulties accessing these files, because he wants these Annotations to be accessible from everywhere.  He tried to embed all fonts in the pdf files, so that they can be printed without problems, but if he didn't succeed and you have problems to view or print the pdfs because of missing fonts, please let him know as well.

Hans is committed to keeping this work freely available.  Presently (2018) he is in the process of translating his LaTeX source code into xml, so that the Annotations can also be read in HTML.  He will publish this xml when it is ready.

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