Anth 5485: Graphical Data Analysis

Data analysis begins with the search for pattern. Having found pattern, we then ask whether it is real or just an artifact of sampling. Most stat courses concentrate on the second problem but ignore the search for pattern. This course reverses that usual emphasis. Students will learn to manipulate data using the R statistical package and to search for pattern using the graphical methods that come with R.

Any introductory stat course
Lab projects (75 pts), final project (25 pts). In addition, I may schedule one or two quizzes (10 pts each).
After class and by appointment; 801-581-5529; rogers at anthro dot utah dot edu.
Lab projects
Lecture notes
Major project
Each student will undertake a comprehensive study of one data set, using any of the methods from the course that seem appropriate. Data may be from any source. Results will be presented as a lecture to the class during the final two weeks.
R source code
R Examples