Minqi Li (Curriculum Vita)



World Energy 2017-2050 (Annual Report)


World Energy 2016-2050 (Annual Report)


China’s Nuclear Energy Development (Interview by CCTV-America, June 16, 2015)


Download the full report here (PDF format)


China: Peak Energy and the Limits to Economic Growth (November 4, 2011, presentation)


Global Imbalances, Peak Oil, and the Next Global Economics Crisis (April 14, 2011, presentation)


China, Peak Oil, and Climate Change (February 11, 2011, presentation)


Will Chinese Workers Challenge Global Capitalism? (Interview with Pau Jay, August 18, 2010)


Two-Degree Warming Is Already beyond Our Reach (March 5, 2009, presentation)


Interview with Paul Jay, on Climate Change and Capitalism (December 7, 2009, see the interview here)


Interview with Paul Jay, on US, China, and Global Imbalances (November 30, 2009, see the interview here)


Crisis and Revolution (November 13, 2009 at New York and December 1, 2009 at Paris, presentation)


Interview with Eleftherotypia (Greek National Newspaper) (November 13, 2009, read the interview here)


Interview with Paul Jay, on China and Climate Change (September 26, 2009, see the interview here)


Interview with Paul Jay, on China and the Global Crisis (September 26, 2009, see the interview here)




Interview with Croatian Newspaper Novi Zagreb (May 2009, read the interview here)


The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World-Economy (Pluto Press, November 2008)

"Minqi Li has accomplished something different and very important. He has placed the 'rise of China' from the Mao era to today in the context of the history of the entire world-system. He makes a persuasive case that the very success of capitalist methods in China has so overloaded the capacities for accumulation of the world-system as a whole that this rise has become a major factor in the coming demise of the world capitalist system. This is a book which explains much that seems a puzzle and challenges the received opinion of many analysts. It should be read by all concerned persons."          

--------  Immanuel Wallerstein on The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World-Economy


See the review in Choice (publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries)

See the review by Pun Ngai, a leading Asian labor activist

Table of Contents                   Preface                        Buy the book here and here




当前世界经济危机与中国未来(200810月,演示文件 报告记录稿




Global Crisis, Peak Energy, and the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism (October 7, 2008, presentation)


Peak Energy and the Limits to China’s Economic Growth (October 6, 2008, presentation)


Interviews with Paul Jay, on China’s Economy, Society, Environment and Intellectual Trends (August 11-15, 2008, see the interviews here)

(Paul Jay is the Senior Editor and CEO of the Real News Network and former Executive Producer of the Canadian television debate show “Counter Spin.”  The Real News Network is the world’s first viewer supported daily video news network, based in Washington, D.C. and Toronto.)


The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World-Economy (April 25, 2008, presentation)


Climate Change and the Imperative for Socialism (April 25, 2008, presentation)




Capitalist Development and Class Struggle in China

(This is a book manuscript completed during 1993-1996)

English Version




“不是人民怕纳粹,而是纳粹怕人民”—— 法西斯主义和阶级斗争问题讨论集(PDF





Remin University, “Marx and Hayek” (Summer 2017)









Economics 5430/6430 (Spring 2017)






Final Exam Readings (five readings):


Wan, Chapter 5 (pp.141-148; 151-153)


Bardhan, Chapter 1 (pp.4-12); Chapter 2 (pp.19-24)


Global Capitalism: Accumulation and Crisis


China: Class Structure and National Income Distribution


Capitalism and Environment



Economics 7004 (Spring 2017)










Economics 5420/6420 (Fall 2016)






Profit Rate, Accumulation, and Economic Growth


China’s Class Structure, 1952-2015




Economics 5060/6060 (Fall 2016)






Great Depression


Great Depression—Wages and Prices


Excel Worksheet














Economics 7600 (Fall 2011)






Economics 4020 (Fall 2010)